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Integrity Employee Leasing

How Our Workman’s Comp Services Work

During your time as a business owner, there are numerous aspects of risk management you need to handle. One category of risk management is workers’ compensation. Management of this needs to be precise and it should be geared toward protecting your business throughout the years ahead. Simply put, a workers’ comp claim is a claim…
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Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Payroll Team

When you are first starting a business, odds are good that as the owner you wind up handling almost every task imaginable. From onboarding new employees to creating a policy handbook to running payroll, wearing a myriad of hats is a normal part of starting any business. However, there comes a point in time when…
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What Is Risk Management?

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of your company, one important aspect you should always keep in mind is how well you are managing risks. Every single business has inherent risks involved. From how you hire and fire people to the potential for someone to be injured on your property, there are numerous risks…
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Why Your Business Needs Experienced HR Services

If you are a new business or you are still in the early stages of growing your company, you might not be able to implement an entire HR department. In many cases, you simply don’t have enough employees to justify the cost of a full-time HR staff. The end result is that you wind up…
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What Constitutes a Workers’ Comp Claim

When it comes to workers’ compensation, it is critical that you understand what your responsibilities are as a business. From purchasing workers’ compensation insurance to understanding what constitutes a claim, handling this aspect of your company’s human resources is a vital task. Here at Integrity Employee Leasing, we assist businesses with workers’ compensation management. We…
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Benefits of Working With An Outsourcing Service

Here at Integrity Employee Leasing, we offer an array of professional HR services. We are a leading national professional employer organization (PEO), which allows us to assist businesses with everything from payroll services to employee benefits to risk management. We work with small to mid-sized companies who are outgrowing the ability to handle these tasks…
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How Our Payroll Process Works

When it comes to running a business, one of the most important aspects of operations to your employees will be how you handle payroll. No one wants to work for free and hiccups in payroll can lead to unhappy staff members. Here at Integrity Employee Leasing, we offer a unique set of payroll solutions for…
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Keep Your Business Up-to-Date

The business world moves fast, always adapting to customer expectations and the needs of their workforce. Make sure your payroll program can keep up. Changes to your workplace, your methods, your staff, and even the culture of the world outside your doors can affect how you process payroll. Make sure you stay in lockstep with…
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Is Payroll Outsourcing the Best Choice for Your Small Business?

Running a small business means making a lot of decisions. You get to do things your way, but that freedom also comes with a lot responsibility. One of the most important tasks you have to handle? Payroll for your employees. Even small mistakes can come with big consequences. Integrity Employee Leasing is here to help…
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3 More Reasons to Choose Payroll Outsourcing

As a business owner, the idea of outsourcing any of your human resources services likely makes you hesitate, especially a service as important as payroll. However, when you choose the right payroll processing company, the benefits far outweigh the possible drawbacks. Integrity Employee Leasing provides payroll solutions that will save you time, money, and stress,…
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