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If your business has employees, then you need workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation can be a frustrating and oftentimes overlooked aspect of having employees. When obtaining coverage, workers’ compensation creates additional demands on you as an employer. Ensuring compliance, taking care of claims, and year-end audits, and renewals are all involved. Integrity Employee Leasing simplifies the demands placed on you as an employer by providing a simplified pay-as-you-go program without the need for deposits or year-end audits. Additionally, Integrity administers any workers’ compensation claims that you may have, from handling the initial loss report to working as a liaison between you, your employee, and the claims adjusters.


No one likes to deal with workers’ compensation. At Integrity Employee Leasing, we try to make it as quick and easy for you as we can. Integrity has a designated case manager that works as a liaison with the employee/employer and carrier throughout the entire claim process. We try to keep you updated with every aspect of reporting, care, and treatment, and we strive to ensure that the injured worker has the best possible treatment.

Our process of a claim will typically be:

  1. Initial injury reporting through authorized treatment care.
  2. Rehabilitation.
  3. Return to work, whether restricted, limited, or full duty.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Compliance

Another service our risk management team provides is overseeing the issuance of multiple workers’ compensation policies, client additions, deletions, and any changes in client information. Integrity Employee Leasing also provides monthly wage reporting to the carrier and reconciles premiums. The risk management team issues all certificates and waivers of subrogation as requested for our clients and co-ordinates policy and certificate of insurance renewals in a timely manner.